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Production Process:

Professional consultation with under a week lead time for all quotes.  We provide on-site measurements, prototype arrangement, fabrication, and installation. Our specialty is providing an impeccable system, which creates both functional and aesthetically pleasing interiors. 

Measurement & Installation:

Symphony's Hospitality offers union and non-union installers who can complete in-house national and international installations.  Our installers accommodate your schedule and provide an accurate and professional installation.  We use a cutting-edge laser measuring system to ensure installations are done correctly the first time.

Quality & Value:

Blind stitching is a standard of ours.  We always provide value to our customers with our competitive pricing, attention to detail, innovative designs, and quick turnaround time.  We aim to please you and we will work with your designers every step of the way.  Quality control is taken seriously at Symphony’s Hospitality, before fabric leaves our facility we double check all measuring to ensure that the production process is done right.

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