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Symphony’s Hospitality is an industry leader by combining the fabrication of textile with the installation of finished products to the hospitality industry.  Symphony’s Hospitality successfully merged production and installation in 2014 and has set the trend for longstanding companies and newcomers. 


No longer will you need to communicate with multiple companies to complete one project.  Since 2014 we have redefined the industry to allow for a streamlined production process which allows Symphony’s Hospitality to help you with every step of your next project.  The results are extraordinary-Symphony’s Hospitality can provide more than our industry counterparts in a more efficient timeframe.

  • Union & Non-union installers

  • North America & International installation capabilities

  • We have permanent installers and measurement teams

  • Large capacity to handle multi-thousand room hotels

  • Onsite custom hardware fitting

  • Onsite custom cornice cutting

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