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Concord Hospitality Enterprises, Senior Director of Procurement

"To whom it might concern,


I am writing to recommend Symphony Hospitality Company.


Symphony's Hospitality recently completed the installation and fabrication of the window covering and drapery of the guestrooms, public areas, and restaurant for our newly opened hotel project, "The Hyatt Centric Brickell”, in Miami.    


Symphony's Hospitality would be an asset to your organization and I strongly recommend their services. They did an excellent job on our project, from providing quotes, measurements, fabric, drapery production, they stated clear and

honest lead times, cost effectiveness, and lines of communication with fast response time to inquiries.  Their knowledge, expertise, and experience in the industry gives them a great advantage over competitors.


More specifically, Symphony and Max were willing to go above and beyond to complete the project. While on-site Max noticed the power pack installed in some rooms were defective.  This was brought to our attention and we were able to have them replaced immediately. We also have a flooding in the upper floors that caused damage to the drapery and the window framing and Symphony fabricated and replaced those damaged drapes and hardware in no time.


Please do not hesitate on contacting me."



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